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Mike Slader

Twelfth Night - Wilton’s Music Hall - 12th - 22nd September 2018.

Mike Slader as Sir Andrew Aguecheek excelled as an upper-class fop combining PG Wodehouse with Harry Enfield’s Tim Nice But Dim - London Theatre

Mike Slader channels more than a touch of Rik Mayall's anarchic grinning charm as Aguecheek . - Broadway World.

Mike Slader makes for a comically over-the-top Aguecheek, reminiscent of a greasy Crispin Glover - A Spy in the Stalls

Both Mike Slader, as the scene-stealing, giddily feverish, Sir Andrew Aguecheek and Peter Dukes, as the spectral stick-up-the-arse turned lover-boy Malvolio, give standout performances. - Stage Review

The whole ensemble are terrific, with Mike Slader’s Aguecheek a glorious caricature of every Wodehouse character, with a dash of the anarchy of the Young Ones thrown in. - Fairy Powered Productions

Appeared in:  Twelfth Night at Wilton’s Music Hall -  12th - 22nd September 2018 - Sir Andrew Aguecheek.

Photos - Matt Crossick