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Mike Slader

12th Night -

Photos  - Scott Rylander

Aladdin the ‘Woll and Roll’ Panto-

Production Photos:


Photos: Richard Davenport

Frankenstein - Uk Tour - Oct’16- Nov’16 - Band)

it's very strong too – plundering everything from rock and musical theatre to bluegrass and music hall – and musical …… performers ….. and Mike Slader more than pull their weight, doubling as puppeteers as well as the brides of Frankenstein. The Stage

….cheerfully overblown rock music from an energetic four-piece band - The Times

Aladdin the ‘Wok and Roll’ - Stafford Gatehouse - Dec’16- Jan’17 - The Grand Vizier, Hans)

Blending comedy, singing, dancing and even instrument playing, the cast - who also made up the live band - gave the audience a terrific night of entertainment to enjoy. Staffordshire - What’s on  …it’s a high-energy affair in which young, multi-talented actor/musicians weave classic pop songs into the telling of the timeless panto story.     the singing and music is delicious. Neil Bonner - The Stage

there is the ridiculously talented company of actor-musicians who not only had the whole theatre in stitches all night, but gave universally great vocal performances as well as forming a band which were nothing short of perfect. Love Midlands Theatre

12th Night - Watermill Theatre, Newbury -  6th April - 4th August 17.

Onstage at the Elephant Jazz Club his tight ensemble of actor-musicians take it away with their big brassy sound - What’s on Stage

Mike Slader portrays a weedy and pitiful Sir Andrew Aguecheek, trying to impress with his dance moves and the use of French. - The Reviews Hub.

Mike Slader, upper class twit, is genuinely funny in a likeable performance. - Newbury Theatre reviews